Principal of Arnold Lawyers, Adam Slattery, is confident that he and his long-standing team members will provide you with experienced and affordable legal services.

Both our professional legal staff and our very experienced support staff agree on the importance of working together as a team and the benefits that these close working relationships will provide to our clients, especially in respect to obtaining positive, cost effective outcomes.

The majority of our current staff members have been working at Arnold Lawyers for in excess of ten years so you can be assured of obtaining legal services from people who are not only experienced in their areas of practice but also from people who have a proven track record of working extremely well together in our team environment.

Adam is personally extremely proud of his dedicated, loyal and long-standing staff who have an enormous wealth of experience in all legal matters having worked not only for him for several years, but also with other law firms, so their depth of knowledge is considerable.

This is the reason why Adam is so confident that Arnold Lawyers can pass on that wide range of experience and dedication to look after the best interests of our clients.

Adam Slattery

Running a legal practice has given Adam a great insight into how best to look after clients and to ensure that they remain very good and longstanding clients of Arnold Lawyers.

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Cherie Bunt

Cherie Bunt is a valuable member of the Arnold Lawyers team. Cherie understands the unique challenges faced by individuals engaged in the legal process and aims to build a strong working relationship with her clients.

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Karen Smith

Karen has worked in the areas of legal reception, general litigation, insurance litigation and, more recently, conveyancing, probate and estate administration.

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Belinda Russ

Belinda joined Arnold Lawyers in 2014. Belinda works in the area of reception and Family Law. Belinda also supports our professional team.

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Kate O’Brien

Kate is the Arnold Lawyers Practice Manager

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