Do you really need a Will? The simple answer is “yes” and quite often Wills can be simple.

Remember that a Will is the most important document that you will ever sign as it is the only document that looks after us once we die. It is necessary for you to make a Will particularly if you want to protect your family and the assets you have worked so hard for after you die. The last thing you will want to do is leave problems for those you love in their time of personal distress.

At Arnold Lawyers, we will assist you in preparing your Will to ensure that your wishes are clearly expressed so that your assets can be distributed in the way you desire. We will also help you to ensure that you adequately provide for your spouse or partner, children and other dependents which may assist in relieving your family of the stress of being involved in a possible legal dispute over your estate after you die.

In drawing up your Will, we will ensure that your Will is valid – that is properly drawn up, signed and witnessed and also give you advice in respect to choosing an executor – that is the person or persons you name in your Will to deal with the duties and obligations of administering your estate.

There is not normally a great deal of time involved in creating a Will and, when you compare this to the time-consuming complications, difficulties and anxiety that the lack of a Will leaves behind, you can certainly see the benefits to both you and your family of protecting everyone concerned with a properly prepared Will.

Not only is it important to ensure that you have a properly executed Will, it is also equally important to ensure that your existing Will is updated as and when required. You should ensure that you review your existing Will regularly and update it when your circumstances change or if you become married or get divorced.

Once we have completed your Will for you, we are happy to retain your original Will at our offices in safe custody free of charge which will offer you continuing peace of mind in respect to the ongoing security of such an important document.

Protect your family – contact us at Arnold Lawyers where one of our committed team members will be happy to assist you in either preparing your new Will or revising a current Will.