Deceased Estates and Will Disputes are handled expertly by Arnold Lawyers.


If you have been named as Executor of the Will, our deceased estate lawyers can provide you with advice and help you navigate the complex process of distributing a deceased estate. We can assist in obtaining the Grant of Probate from the Supreme Court, administering the estate and selling assets. We can also assist the Executor in defending a claim against the Will from a potential beneficiary.

When a person dies, the Executor of the Will needs to finalise the affairs of the deceased person. This can be a very complex and stressful process involving collection of their assets, resolving debts and possibly the sale of assets including their residential property.

A Grant of Probate (where there is a Will) or Letters of Administration (where there is no Will) will need to be obtained from the Supreme Court Probate Division, to authorise the Executor of the Will to carry out their duties. 

If you are a beneficiary and have been left out of a Will or feel that you haven’t received your fair share, our Will dispute lawyers can help defend your claim. We can advise you on your options for challenging the will and your chances of success. 

Our Will dispute lawyers can advise you on your grounds for contesting the Will, however there are strict timeframes to act on this don’t hesitate in contacting us for assistance. Our services could include negotiating with the Executor of the Will or making an application to challenge the Will. 

At Arnold Lawyers, we understand that deceased estate affairs can be emotional, stressful and complex. Our experienced deceased estate and will dispute lawyers can provide you with simple advice and assistance to take the stress out of deceased estate affairs.